Software Update Checker For Firefox [Featured Firefox Extension]

Many software developers do not have automatic updating in place, which then requires you to keep abreast of the latest development and bug fixes, so that you are not using a vulnerable version of a software, or are using the latest enhancements it provides with a newer version.

Some time back we had told you about 7 free tools to keep your Windows software up-to-date, but today we will introduce you with a non-intriguing way of getting software updates, while you are busy browsing your favorite sites using Firefox.

Software Update Checker is a handy extension for that will keep you abreast of the latest updates available for softwares you have installed on your system, all from the comfort of your favorite browser.


Software Update Checker adds a new menu to Firefox, that shows you the available update for softwares installed on your system, clicking on the update sub-menus will take you to the download page for the software update, you can also open all the available updates download page in multiple tabs.

I must say that this is quite a innovative way of telling users to update their softwares to the latest version without popping up any notices. So while your browsing your favorites sites like Twitter or Facebook, do keep a eye on the Softwares menu to see which new software updates are available for download.

Download Software Update Checker for Firefox

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