Check Flight Status With A Search Query

Quite recently I was travelling to Orlando for a vacation, I did not have my laptop with me, since this trip was purely for fun, however the American domestic flights are known to be late and keeping a check on flight status was not easy since I did not have access to the computer.

I did use Google search to check the flight status using my Nokia N95 phone on a AT&T GSM connection and the Google Search application for Nokia N95. However the search results returned by Google were not satisfactory and I needed to click on a link to finally look at the flight status.

Turns out there is a pretty neat solution being offered by Microsoft’s, which will allow you to quickly search for flight status with a simple search query.

To check your flight status online with a simple search query, go to through your desktop or mobile browser and search for the terms Flight Status Flight Carrier Flight Number, so if you want to search for the flight status of a US Airways flight with number 1122, your search query would be flight status US1122.

Once you have fired this search query, you will see the flight status in the search results.


The flight status results include, whether the flight is delayed, landed or en-route, which airport it departs from and the time and gate information and the destination airport, time or arrival and gate number. The search results are returned by the data provided by, a flight tracking service.

We must say that search definitely beat Google as this, it will be interesting to see how Google responds to this new feature. What’s your say, do you find this feature interesting and useful? Let us know through your comments.

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