CES 2010 Predictions for Intel, HTC, Palm and Microsoft
By on January 1st, 2010

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 will kickoff in few days. CES 2010 is all set to start on January 7th and will continue through till January 10th. CES Expo is a event where most of the technology and auto companies showcase new products which will be launched in near future.


Other than Apple, who host their own event, most of the big companies will be demoing some really cool technology devices and autos in the span of four days. The event in itself is extravagant, however, it is not easy to predict what will actually be demoed at CES 2010 as most companies want everything to be under a wrap.

There will be around 3000 companies at CES 2010, who will launch more than 20,000 new products and showcase it to the world.

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We have taken some time to go through some of our sources and tried to tie up the loose ends, to come up with few predictions as to what you can expect at CES 2010. So without further ado, here are some of our predictions for few of the exhibitors at CES 2010.

Intel Corp.

Intel President & CEO Paul Otellini will be one of the keynote speakers at CES 2010 and from what is doing rounds, Intel will be using the stage to showcase their upcoming range of products for the portable computing. One of the products that will be shown is their new Pine Trail platform with Pineview the successor to their Atom processors. Pine Trail is for the Netbook computers, with the GPU & CPU will be on the same die. Unfortunately for Intel, nobody is excited about Pine Trail because of its lack of HD video decoding and what is going to be a very under-powered GPU. Intel might be using this stifled-configuration to distinguish between low-end laptop computers & Netbook computers.

Another possible product to show itself is Intel Moorestone codename for their Mobile Internet Devices platform. Moorestone is a system-on-chip for high-end feature rich cell phones also referred to as Mobile Internet Devices.


With HTC doing the hardware for the Nexus One aka Google Phone, news is that HTC has been working on an Android based tablet computer. According to reports HTC will be showing this device at CES2010 as well. Another Android based Tablet computer to look forward to at CES2010 is the Indian based Notion Ink’s Adam. HTC is also rumored to launch their alleged CDMA version of the Nexus One called HTC Passion.

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Palm pinned its hopes on the Palm Pre, with their indigenously developed WebOS, the Pre was well received, not a huge success but it re-affirmed Palm’s commitment. One of the roadblocks to Pre’s success was it not being available on a lot of carriers. Palm is said to be announcing the availability of both Pre & Pixi on more carriers to boost sales. Which might be what the company needs.


Last year, Steve Ballmer announced the public availability of Windows 7 at CES, this year however there is very little known about what Microsoft might announce. With a recent surge in Windows Mobile related news, enthusiasts are hoping that Steve B might give us a glimpse of Windows Mobile 7. Microsoft cannot afford to wait too long before launching it because of Android’s adoption by manufacturers & developers, Apple’s iPhone & stiff competition from companies like Blackberry & Palm.

Microsoft Auto is set to announce its partnership with KIA Motors & competitor to Ford SYNC, which is on Windows Embedded Auto but will soon be an open source platform. Microsoft’s partnership with Ford ended back in 2008. On the topic, I’m personally expecting an announcement of Bing Maps coming to Windows Embedded Auto, it might happen at CES or sometime in the near future.

The optimist in me expects Microsoft announcing Zune’s availability outside US but highly unlikely according to what’s on the Internet. Will we see the rumored Microsoft Courier at CES, your guess is as good as ours.

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