Cannot Access Gmail, Try These Tricks

A few minutes ago we told you how is down once again, however only the web interface is down so you will still be able to access Gmail using several other ways.

Here are some of the ways you can access Gmail from;

  1. Using POP or IMAP
  2. Using Mobile application
  3. Using Gmail gadget for iGoogle

For other options check out our earlier post on Different Gmail modes you can use when the regular access is blocked.

7 thoughts on “Cannot Access Gmail, Try These Tricks”

    1. Hi,

      I’m Cindy and have been a Gmail user for over 4 years never a problem. Recently I saw a message saying there was suspicious activity and I had to change my ID and password. I did that and no access and when asked the secret question to get the password, no good. I know that password and I wrote down the new information. So aside from changing my IP or going with Exchange. Any suggestions?

  1. I can not acces my gmail account. I know I have typed my password correct, but it ask the password timew after time. Please help

    1. same here…. it was fine until today….my sync is messed up on my phone so i tried to re sync it and my password has been completley changed not by me of course so someone probably got into my account which is weird cuz i never give my email address out so someone is a smart cookie in this situation cuz im completely locked out of my gmail account

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