Buy Windows 7 in India and Get A Rebook Watch Worth Rs 2600 Free

A few days back we told you about how pirated copies of Windows 7 were selling for Rs 50 or < $2. Looks like Microsoft partners have taken a new approach to curtail the privacy.


If you live in India and purchase a copy of online, you will be eligible to get a exclusive Rebook watch worth Rs 2,599 absolutely FREE. The only condition is that, you should buy a copy of Windows 7 within 7 days of being contacted by a representative.

To be eligible to buy a copy visit this Windows 7 India sales page and fill out the form. A Microsoft representative will contact you with the details on buying Windows 7.

Microsoft India is already offering a discount of up to 40% on retail value of Windows 7. You can buy Windows 7 at the following prices.

  • Windows 7 Home Basic: Rs. 5,899/-
  • Windows 7 Home Premium: Rs 6,799/-
  • Windows 7 Professional: Rs 11,199/-
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: Rs 11,799/-

Disclaimer: The domain is not affiliated with Microsoft, and is registered by Quasar Media, who is a Technology partner with Microsoft. This offer may not be directly supported by Microsoft India. Please enquire with the dealer about all details before purchasing Windows 7.


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