Bing Overtakes Yahoo in Search Market Share

Bing the latest search engine from Microsoft has launched to a very welcoming audience, lots of people said real good things about this new search engine, within a few days of launching it has already surpassed Yahoo to take the number 2 position in US and global search market according to

The latest market share positioning for Bing is search engine usage is now as such.

  1. Google with 71.47% market share.
  2. Bing with 16.28% market share.
  3. Yahoo with 10.22% market share.


In addition to this the global search market share for Bing is about 5.62% which is slightly ahead of Yahoo at 5.13%, Google is also the market leader worldwide with 87.62% market share.

The surge in Bing market share should  sound alarming to both Google and Yahoo alike, such a drastic shift is something they would not have really anticipated, however it would be interesting to see if Bing is able to hold on to this market share in the next 3-6 months.

Have you used Bing yet? What do you think about it? Do let us know.

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