Bing Goes 1 Up on Google Search

has definitely been making inroads into search engine market, last time around it was on the receiving end when Bing took some traffic from Yahoo, however now that both Bing and Yahoo have come together to fight Google, it is more than certain that they may lose some market share.

Yahoo & Bing vs Google Search

According to LiveSide Bing gained 1% of US search engine market   share in July, and during the same period Google lost a similar amount of market share.

A detailed analysis by Statcounter showed an increase in US search market share from 8.23% in June to 9.41% in July, during the same period Google’s US market share came down from 78.48% in June to 77.54% in July.

However Google still dominates the global market with 89.23% share in July as compared to 89.80% in June.

So will Bing and Yahoo coming together put a dent into the market share of Google? Well only time can tell, and Google still has a large scope to go one up ahead in the coming month based on their new innovations in their search engine and image search engine.

What do you think? Who will win the boxing championship between these two giants?

3 thoughts on “Bing Goes 1 Up on Google Search”

    1. @Scot I agree, I was just pointing out the fact that they gained around 1% of market share in US from Google, and like you I rely more on Google and seldom use Bing for searching content

  1. @Keith Yeah, I just had a total smackdown today. Need a copy of the clean install for Movable Type 2.63 from 2003. I search Google for the file name “MT-2.63.tar.gz” and I get several (albeit fruitless) links. I search Bing? Nada nada limonada.

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