Better Gmail For Google Chrome

Better is one of the most popular we have come across, enhancing Gmail to the core, however the entire library of scripts used in Better Gmail is now available for .

Better Gmail for Chrome makes use of Google Chrome Extensions to add several features to Gmail including:

  • Row highlighting Highlights message rows as you roll over them.
  • Attachment icons Adds attachment file type icons.
  • Show Message Details – Display the full details of the top messages in a conversation.
  • Folders4Gmail Lists labels in a folder-like hierarchy.
  • Hide Spam Count Hides Gmail’s Spam message count.
  • Hide Chat Hides Gmail’s Chat box in the sidebar.
  • Hide Invites Box Hides the Gmail invites box on the sidebar.

Definitely something we were looking to have in Google Chrome, if you are new to extensions you can read our tutorial: How To Enable User Scripts in Google Chrome.

Download Better Gmail for Google Chrome

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