Best Real-time Web Statistics Service

Having a popular website is definitely a delight, and many webmasters use several statistics programs and services to keep an eye on the number of visitors and page views they get each day.

Google Analytics is by far one of the best analytics service we have come across, however it does not provide users with real-time statistics which is why people prefer to use multiple stats services to track users.

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So what are the best real-time web statistics service? Read on to know more about them and their features.



Reinvigorate is a service I have been using for quite a long time now. It provides users with the best real-time stats one can think of. The service tracks active users, active pages and more importantly referrers and search engine hits, which help me immensely to check where a traffic spike is coming from.

You can also create multiple groups and add unlimited amount of websites to track, along with the ability to track websites in different timezones. I am pretty sure that once you begin using Reinvigorate you will fall in love with it, usage is completely free, however you will have to wait for a invite before you can start using the service.

Reinvigorate also provides users with a desktop tool called Snoop and a plugin for easy integration with WordPress blog.



Who’s amung us is a no-brainer, really simple to use real-time statistics service, no need to register yourself or setup your website, just add a image to your website and you are ready to track your website visitors.

However this service does not have comprehensive features provided by others, but if you are looking to track users with ease, this is a service we will recommend to you.



Woopra is by far the most comprehensive stats tracking program we have ever come across, we had also run a comprehensive review of Woopra some time back.

The program offers several interesting features such as live chatting with visitors, real-time analytics, event alerts among other things.

However there are some shortcomings in Woopra, which include tracking of only 10K pageviews and a limited availability for public users. Don’t let that get in your way for trying this out though, apply for a beta invite and see for yourself, why this is a really good real-time statistics tool.


Performancing Metrics


Performancing Metrics is another real-time statistics service which is pretty decent and does it job nicely, there are several features like tracking current visitors, search engine traffic, incoming links or referrers and so on.

Using performancing is free, however there are some features which are only available if you use the paid service provided by them, like it restricts the amount of statistics you can view to the last 31 days for free account. They also provide with a WordPress plugin for easy integration.

Performancing Metrics

Do you use any other real-time statistics service or programs to track visitors to your website? Do let us know about them through your comments.

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  • Rockstar Sid

    Did try out performancing and they were kinda good… even statcounter provides good real time info :)

    Have used woopra and is excellent web analytic but wastes a lot of time for me as i keep digging through it’s features :P

  • I am using who amung us from past 1 and half year.

    Let me also check the other services.

  • I haven’t tried any of those tools, but I will surely give those a shot. I think it will work for me as much as for the others. Google analytics doesn’t provide us with all the services we need, somehow trying others would not greatly hurt, I beleive.

    Leanie Belle – Your First 100 Dollars Online

  • thanks alot, good post

  • I used to use Google Analytics but I don’t check it much any more as I use woopra. But the stat program included with my hosting service shows significantly more traffic then either Google or Woopra. Are they missing something or is AW stats picking up stuff that I don’t want to count?

    • How good is woopra ? i need a live counter on my website and will be great to have one as analytics from Google doesn’t offer real time stats :(

  • Thanks for the applications

  • For a while now I have been using Google Analytics. I’m not very happy with it because it is missing the Real-time statistics.

    I’m going with Woopra.

    Great post 8^)

  • From all that tools above you mention,I only use perfomancing metrics for trial.well I have to comment critique about them,cause I believe after user comparison with google webmaster tools and analytic,I found SO much easy to track and Easy to add SEO with tools free from google ,o

  • Suprised not to see the google SEO toolbar up there. It’s really nice seeing the statistic it pulls for the websites.

  • i use Google analytic but i have the problem as you in time . but i have a plugin ” statpress” show m the visits but actually they don’t offer me the online users .

    for the tools you offer here is think that and Woopra the best .

  • For as now I have been using Analytics from Google but it just sometimes give me faulty info. So I woopra and it’s a sample excellent web analytic but wastes a lot of time. But its worth it.

  • I´m using Statcounter ( and Google Analytics.Both of these services show different results so it´s quite difficult to get exact information.

  • I’m using Woopra and quite happy with it :D

  • Wooprah look amazing, but like someone said, it can waste a lot of your time if you want to use all its features.

  • Liliya Mardanov

    There are many new real time web analytics that were emerged to the surface on 2010, one of the most promising one is Personyze Real-time web analytics, which I think that has some very interesting implicit content personalization tools, also website owners can create their own explicit content personalization for their website, create segments (behaviors/buckets), actionable analytics and create optimizer which checks the effectiveness of each action towards the goal that was set in the optimizer (the segment's goal). Highly recommended real time web analytics.