Best of Best: Tips for a Old PC and a New OS

As a part of our Endeavour to bring the best content to old and new readers alike, we announced yesterday that we would be featuring some of the best content from the past in our list, so that users who missed them can enjoy the .


In the first in the series, we take a look at few articles which would help users who are looking to re-install a operating system or giveaway their old PC to someone else. We have covered things that users tend to overlook, so make sure to read those tips, bookmark them and print them for comfort.

10 Things To Do Before And After re-installing Your OS

So you are planning to do a upgrade of your system, however there are several things that users tend to overlook while re-installing your OS.

In this article we take a look at 10 things that will help you make a smoother transition. Don’t forget to read 10 things to do before and after re-installing your OS.

Things To Do Before You Are Giving Away Your Old PC

In these days of recession, everyone may have some soft corner and want to donate things to the needy, however before you go ahead and donate your old PC, make sure to read our guide on things to do before giving away your old PC, lest you forget something and end up giving away some private data along with your PC.

Hope you enjoyed these tips, look forward to more Best of Best content in the next weekend, do drop us your views through your comments.

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