Best Free Softwares of 2009

Quite some time back we had shared our list of 35 amazing and free softwares that were worth using, however time changes a lot and 2009 is already in full flow now, so its time to move over and take a look at some of the best free softwares of 2009.


The software list has been created by PC Mag, which periodically creates such great lists for softwares and websites.

The best free softwares of 2009 lists out 175 softwares divided into several categories which include;

That’s quite a list. What are your favorite free softwares? Do let us know about them through your comments.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Blough MEe

    The plural form of “Software” is SOFTWARE… NOT “SOFTWARES”

    “The Best Free Software of 2009 ” would cover it.

  • All of the above softwares look great and they seem to be quite a good thing for all the utility applications that one may think of. Thanks for the list!!!

  • I’m amazed that the only bittorrent program listed was utorrent. I use it myself, but interesting that bitcomet and bitlord didn’t even make the list whereas there are some 4-5 zip extracting programs.

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  • whoa, sweet list. i had no idea there were this many free softwares out there. now i know where to go when i need something. thanks.

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  • Great list, I’ll explore it, that’s for sure…

  • Grammar Nasi

    @Blough MEe:
    the plural of ware is wares.
    soft-ware… softwares. I think its despicable that you need to call people idiots over this, use an offensive name, and I think you could do with some etymology lessons.

    This is not a bad list :)

  • englishteacher

    To Grammar Nasi,

    You are partially right there.

    Depending on who you ask, the plural of ware can be wares or ware. I would not explain this in detail. You can always refer to Google, your friendly search engine.

    However, I must say that the ‘plural’ of software is “software” and not “softwares” unlike what many others think.

    ‘Software’ is a collective noun and is continuous, rather than discrete. It therefore doesn’t take a plural. To make it simpler to understand, think of “software” like “water”, “deer,” or “sheep”. Basically, it’s pronounced and spelled the same whether in ‘singular’ form or ‘plural’ form.

    When you say or use the term ‘software’, it could be singular or plural. It depends of the context. For example:

    The company sells software (In this context, it could mean one program or it could also mean 20)

    The company sells many different types of software. (In this context, this is definitely plural, although the word software is used.)

    In short, remember this:
    The ‘plural’ form for the term ‘software’ is ‘software’.
    Don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

    Nevertheless, I agree with you that it was ‘despicable’ of Blough MEe for calling ‘people idiots’ for this issue.

    To Blough MEe,

    Next time, be more polite when you want to address and correct others’ mistakes. It would help a lot.

    P.S. I am sorry if I make any grammar mistakes here. Admittedly, I am not really ‘that good’ in English. Thanks.

    Sources: Google