5 Services To Backup and Sync Your Files

Backing up files has now become a regular part of many users daily computing lives, but not many users are aware of the different services available for backing up and synching files.

There are in-fact tons of such services available, which offer free sync/backup accounts to keep your files safe and secure in the cloud. The best part of having your files in the cloud is that you can access them from practically anywhere with a basic internet connection.

However we sifted through them all and will talk about only the best services to and sync your files.




Other than being a sponsor of our 3rd Birthday Bash, Syncplicity is one of the best sync softwares available today, to put things into perspective, with the help of syncplicity I was able to format my entire system without having to copy a single file to a external drive.

After I reinstalled the OS, I just used Syncplicity to get the files back, simplicity at it’s best here. Syncplicity also allows users to sync your Google Docs documents with your local PC. Syncplicity is available for both Windows and Mac. Once you have installed syncplicity it will run in the background and automatically backup/sync files.

At present Syncplicity offers 2GB of free space to backup and sync your files, however you can go premium with a 50GB account, that will cost you $99 a year. We will also be giving away 5 50GB premium accounts as a part of the , so stay tuned for that.

Docstoc Sync


Docstoc Sync (our review) is another interesting sync service which will let your sync your My Documents folder and more with a online account.

Sharing files is easy with Docstoc Sync, just drop the files into the Docstoc Public Documentsfolder on the desktop, and it will automatically be available in your public documents.

There is not hard limit on the amount of files you can store online in Docstoc, you can also earn cash by sharing your documents using Docstoc.



SugarSync (read review) is another service that allows you to backup, sync and share files in the cloud.

Once installed SugarSync performs automatic online backups of your files while running in the background. You can sync files from one PC on multiple ones by installing the software and logging into your account.

For starters SugarSync provides users with 2GB free accounts, with premium plans available if you need more storage space.



SpiderOak is another interesting backup and sync service which allows you to securely backup all your files. The folks at SpiderOak take their security pretty seriously and claim that no one other than you will have access to your files.

SpiderOak also keeps a historical backup of your files, so if you have edited one of them you can still get the previous versions of the files from earlier revisions.

SpiderOak provides users with 2GB of free space to start of with, with more space available at a premium. SpiderOak is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Windows Live Sync


Not all Microsoft products are paid, and the Windows Live Sync is a example of that, with the help of Windows Live Sync, you can access the files and folders of one PC on a different one, even if it is not in the same network.

In addition to keeping two or more computers in the sync, you can also share your Windows Live Gallery and sync them up between computers. You can also share files between computers securely.

Windows Live Sync is available for both Windows and Mac.

Which softwares do you use to backup and sync your files, do let us know about them.

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