2010’s Tech Predictions That Really Matter

So 2010 has already set in, almost in every place across the world, and the predictions are flowing out like hot coffee on a chilly night. Though, we have given our judgment that 2010 will be the year of Internet tablets, there are several other folks out there who have making some really nice tech predictions for 2010, most of which, we hope come true.

Tech Predictions for 2010

Here is a look at the top 2010 tech predictions for the year from some of the most reputed and authoritative sites in the Tech World.

Google OS Predictions for Google in 2010

If there is one blog you have to choose to read the latest scoops on Google, it has to be the Google Operating system. No, it is not related to OS, however it is related to everything Google.

Alex Chitu, the brain behind Google OS, has come up with 20 predictions on things that might happen @Google in 2010, you can also read Alex’s take on what will be the Top 10 Google Apps in 2010.

2010 Predictions @RWW

One of my favorite blogs, Read Write Web (RWW), has put up an excellent set of 2010 predictions, coming from MacManus, Marshall, Sarah Perez, and the other writers at RWW. Take a look at the 2010 predictions from RWW.

5 Predictions for Facebook from @Mashable

One of the most popular social blog, Mashable, has put up a list of the top 5 prediction for . At the rate at which Facebook has been growing, it would not be surprising that all of them come true. Take a look at the Top 5 predictions for Facebook @Mashable.

Technology Predictions for 2010 @Telegraph

Telegraph.co.uk has to be one of the most famous newspapers which also rule in the online world, especially in the tech sector. So, predictions from them have to be taken seriously. Take a look at the Technology Predictions for 2010 @Telegraph.

New York Times 2010 Predictions about Tech Companies

NYT takes a look at 5 companies, including , Facebook and Apple and gives their predictions on how they will shape up in 2010. Take a look at New York Times Five 2010 Predictions about Tech Companies.

Three Mobile Predictions for 2010 @jkOnTheRun

James Kendrick aka jkOnTheRun, runs one of the most authoritative blog for mobile news, so it is highly unlikely that we can ignore his predictions for mobiles in 2010. Take a look at Three Mobile Predictions for 2010 @jkOnTheRun.

PC World’s Tech Predictions for 2010

PC World? Does it ring anything in your mind? Of course it does, it is probably one of the biggest site for all your Tech News. Catch up on the Top 10 Predictions in 2010 @PCWorld.

Open Source and Linux/Ubuntu Predictions for 2010

Open Source will definitely make a mark this year, what with Linux shaping the decade with some excellent contributions. Without doubts, Linux will play a big role in how the technology shapes in 2010 and the rest of the new decade. Here are some excellent predictions for Linux and Open Source in general for the year 2010.

More 2010 Tech Predictions [Updates]

Well I did not run out of steam already, will keep this list updated as and when I come across some more tech predictions for 2010. This is Non-exhaustive list, so bookmark it for future updates.

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