Backup Your Gmail Account

has quickly become the only email service I use other than my company account, and I also use Apps for the websites I own. So all in all I am in good hands, but there is also a risk to lose everything if something goes wrong.

Though I setup most of my Gmail accounts in Windows Live Email which in itself creates a local , not all attachments are downloaded to my local PC. In such situations the Gmail Backup is a excellent software, which will allow you to backup your entire Gmail account offline.

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Gmail Backup will allow you to download all the emails and attachments to your local machine, and it is not just a one time process since it provides you with incremental backups, where only the emails that have not yet been backed up to your computer will be downloaded.


In addition to that you can also specify the dates from when you want to backup your emails. Gmail Backup requires you to enable IMAP access in your Gmail account. The software works on Windows and based machines.

So take advantage of this handy free software and backup your Gmail account just to stay safe from any disasters.

Download Gmail Backup

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  • Apple mail all the way.. You can also use some mail client to download the content easily..

  • And will the backup be in a form which can be imported into Outlook or some other client? I mean, lets say something goes wrong & Gmail goes poof.. then the backup will only be good if it can be imported into something! :)

  • thats cool that it’s free. mine as well take advantage of it since i have over 1000 emails stored on my gmail account. thanks for the heads-up.

  • Backing up my gmail accounts has always been an area of grave concern, so this tip is highly appreciated. It makes sense to keep backups, as you never know what could go wrong out there!

  • oke.. I will BackUp my gmail email. Thanks.

  • Shadow

    Dose it back up, Gtalk logs also or just emails?

  • I have talked to many Outlook users who refused to use Gmail because it couldn’t be backed up. This is a terrific tool. Thanks for the tip!

  • That’s looks like an useful tool. I am gradually moving towards Gmail from Yahoo. So, I hope that it will help me in the long run. Thanks.

  • Very useful post .. Thanks

  • This is excellent.
    I needed this.

  • This tool is extremely valuable for businesses that rely on Gmail. Although losses of data are rare, Google announced one such loss about a year ago that resulted in lost emails owned by a number of users. For a business that can’t afford to lose its email archive in Gmail, this tool is priceless.

  • This tool is very useful. Thanks for sharing this one!

  • This is some great free software. I use Gmail every day and this being released is great peace of mind. I downloaded and used this software and have had no problems so far.

  • A surprising number of businesses are using Gmail now, so this would be a valuable tool for them. I only use mine for my Google account and for signing up for things where I may need to retrieve a password, and it wouldn’t hurt to lose them. I can always request them again later. Otherwise, I have email addresses through my own sites and everything get backed up.

  • As a user of gmail, I will use this tools as a backup instruments, thank you

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  • I think backing up of all of our gmail data on a computer and it’s offline availability is great and it’s certainly helps removing the uncertainy of getting our data from unwanted lost. Awesome!

    Harris Miller

  • Hi you have a nice blog and review is also written very well . Thanks for this info buddy .

  • was the software free of charge?