Backup And Restore Your Favorite Browser With FavBackup

These days, Internet browsers contain important information such as bookmarks, site preferences and saved passwords. Losing this kind of valuable data can cost us a big deal. So backing up browser data makes a lot of sense in the times, when most of our work is done in the ‘cloud’.

If you are a power user and use multiple browsers, it can be a very lengthy process to backup each and every browser with its respective backup programs. To make things simpler, we introduce you to FavBackup, an easy-to-use software that can backup and restore all the information from your favorite browsers.

FavBackup Main Window

Currently it can backup and restore data from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. To use this program, you just need to select backup and then the browser you want to backup, after that click next.

Backup Firefox With FavBackup

Now select the all the options that you want to backup, after that just select the location where you want to save all your backup and then select next and then click on finish. Now all your data have been saved in the location you have specified earlier.

To restore a browser’s settings, just select restore and the browser and then continue with the same steps as shown above

Restore Google Chrome

We have tested this software on all the supported browser and it hasn’t disappointed us. It also has a safe mode, where you can safely backup and restore your browsers. In general mode, it will backup and restore only the default profile, but in safe mode, it will backup and restore all the profiles associated with the browser. This program is completely portable, so you can carry it anywhere in your USB.

Download FavBrowser

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  • rishabh

    I migrated from vista to windows 7 recently and used fav backup for my chrome browser. Though the backup did create the required files I am unable to restore the same. Do I have to restore in some particular location? I presume 'backup location' during restoring is the location where the backed up files are stored.

    Please do help me guys.

    • @Rishabh – What errors are you getting while restoring the backup? Can you tell us more about it. Also make sure to close Chrome before running the backup or else it might not work properly

  • rishabh

    Dear Keith,

    Thanks for your help but I managed to get it solved though I had to copy the backup files manually in chrome's folder.

    My problem was that when I would restore using 'favbackup' there was no effect on the browser (no cookies or bookmarks restored). I tried restarting my system and also closing the browser before restoring but to no avail. I could not quite understand where I was going wrong in such a simple procedure.