Backup FTP Sites With FTP Backup

Disasters are bound to happen and there is no easy way to determine when and how something may go wrong. Having regular of your website database and files is extremely critical to ensure that you can restore it back, if God forbid, something goes wrong with it.

Though there are several plugins and ways to backup your database, including a way to backup MySQL using the CLI, which takes less than a minute.

But what about your files, do you manually download each and every file from your FTP? If you do, here is a simple option to your FTP files automatically at regular intervals.

Backup FTP is a must have freeware that will help you backup your FTP files and folders by downloading them to your local PC. The program allows the downloading of specific directories as well as recursive directory downloads.


It also supports the exclusion of specified files and directories, and can be used with windows scheduled tasks to perform scheduled FTP backups.


To create a profile for backing up a FTP site, click on the settings icon and start the save it, you can add multiple FTP profiles to be backed up. To start a backup click on the folder icon.

Definitely a must have software to create essential backups of your plugins, themes and images if you are using WordPress or for that matter any given files that exist in your FTP account.

Download Backup FTP for Free

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