Backup and Restore Windows Live Mail Emails and Settings

We have always stressed on the need for backing up your files and emails and have told you about several tools that serve different purposes, if you are using Windows Live Mail there are chances that you may have several account in it, however Windows Live Mail does not provide you with a backup solution.

Static Windows Live Mail Backup is a free software that will allow you to backup and restore the emails, email accounts, settings, rules, filters, signature etc .


Backing up and restoring your Windows Live Mail emails, settings and accounts is pretty easy with WLM Backup, simple download and install the software and run the software, choose the items you want to backup and click on the backup button, provide a filename for the backup and click on the Start Backup button to initiate the backup.


To restore your emails and settings from a backup, click on the Restore Wizard button and provide the file you had backed up earlier, once you have selected the file, follow the steps provided by the wizard to complete the restore process.

Download Windows Live Mail Backup

3 thoughts on “Backup and Restore Windows Live Mail Emails and Settings”

  1. I am having major issues with Windows Live Mail. I have backed them up to a second copy, but the Dell Harddive crashed again,within a wek. When trying to resore the emails etc from my seond copy backup, the files restord, but the folders and subfolders were all over the place, and not in the original formt that I had. Example, I had folders an then subfoders under folders. thesub folders restored, but showed as individual folders, and to make matters worse….the folder names were corupted.

    This is not the sort of thing Iwan from Windows 7, (64 bit).

    This all takes a couple of dys to sort out, and a waste of my time.

    Any solutions? Microsoft no wnating to assist!!


  2. Is this utility really completely free? I don't want to download something that will charge me after a few days.

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