Apple Tablet Heading to Verizon Wireless

Looks like Verizon is finally getting their share of the Apple pie. The Street is reporting that the highly anticipated Apple Tablet aka iTablet, which will be unveiled at the Apple Event this month will be sold subsidized on the Verizon Wireless network and not on the AT&T network.

Apple Tablet Illustration

Like with the , users will be able to get the Apple Tablet at a subsidized rate of $200 along with a two-year data plan worth $60 per month from Verizon. This is not a bad deal for end users considering that the unlocked device will retail for anything in between $800-$1000 per unit.

Another interesting thing about the Apple Tablet is that it will come with docking station so that users can connect an external mouse or keyboard to the device. This just builds up the excitement about the unknown device from Apple.

The Apple Tablet or iTablet will go out on sale in March or April this year, however there is no confirmed news right now on the actual sale dates.

Apple Tablet Illustration courtesy The Street

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