Apple App Store Has 100,000 Approved Apps

Lets be honest, without the app store, the iPhone would not have survived. Even the Apple ads that are run on television have a catchline, There’s an app for everything. So, having reached a milestone of 100,000 approved apps in the app store is a definite high point for Apple.


The app store has a mix of both paid and free applications, and many of them are really very useful. Since I bought my iPod touch, I have been installing tons of apps on it, and it has made life much easier, when it comes to managing certain aspects of my computing life.

However, Apple App Store has had its fair share of controversies. Rejecting apps by developers and giving vague excuses has been a big bane for many developers. On the other hand, the app store has let in seriously stupid apps which are utterly useless. A recent controversy in the app store came from the rejection of Google Voice, which has now drawn into a huge battle of sorts, between Google, Apple and AT&T.

But all said and done, having an option to choose from over 100,000 apps, gives Apple a upper hand in the mobile market. Matching that number will definitely be a huge work for Android, Nokia and Blackberry.

Right now I have a mix of 75 apps installed on my iPod touch. What about you? How many apps have you installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

Image Credit: Explosm Comics

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