Answers to Common DHT Torrent Myths

utorrent_logoIf you are into files sharing using P2P software, you might come across wrong information from several sources. Most of the information available are myths and not true.

Torrent Freak a site dedicated to Torrent news, have create a list of questions for Tracker less torrent downloads using DHT (Distributed Hash Table), and given reasoning as to why they are myths and totally wrong.

Torrent Freak has provided proper explanation for the following questions related to DHT:

  • You must turn off DHT when you use private trackers.
  • Certain clients leak DHT data and should be avoided.
  • You can be tracked by DHT / AntiP2P groups use DHT to find you
  • DHT slows your system down
  • You need to connect to a tracker, before you can use DHT
  • When enabled, it sends usage data back to tracking companies

For answers to the above questions, visit Torrent Freak.

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