Another Round of Leaked Windows 7 M3 Screenshots

Windows 7 the next-gen operating system is finally getting ready and it should hit the markets in mid 2009, many of you may wonder what the new operating system looks like, well most of the looks are borrowed from Windows Vista itself, but there are several new things people would definitely like.

Hopefully Microsoft should be able to deliver on time, the Vista debacle is still strongly talked about as a failure point for the lack of popularity the latest OS got.

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Here are few leaked screenshots of Windows 7 M3, the latest build of the operating system.

The New Look Notepad  (Get Notepad 2008, A Windows 7 Notepad Lookalike)


Windows Paint in 7 M3


Windows 7 WordPad


Windows 7 Gadgets


Windows 7 Lite Windows Media Player


Windows 7 Start Menu


Windows 7 Control Panel


Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8


Windows 7 Security Center


Windows 7 Calculator


Windows 7 Share Options



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  • it looks like the old vista. i think i will stay with vista till something really new comes out even though it is difficult to get something new with microsoft around…

  • the aesthetics look alright. i wonder though how speedy this’ll be, especially on systems which aren’t brand new.

  • Visitor

    Where do I get this Milestone build? I want it.

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  • Rob

    ive been useing 7 now for awhile, the kernel’s been rewritten so it’s actually quite speedy and more efficient. takes up much less disk space and with all it’s new features like the super bar aero peek aero shake and aero snap … this is everything vista should have been. i think all you who bought vista should really be pissed off that you got a repackaged xp with a pretty buggy bow on it. you should have recieved windows 7 for your money.