Add Custom Folders To My Computer and Control Panel

Sometime back we had told you about a software that would allow you to mount a folder as a drive, while that software did allow you to easily access you favorite folders easily we came across another useful utility called Folder2MyPc, a freeware which will allow you to add your favorite folders to My Computer under the Other group and also add custom applications to the control panel.


Adding a folder to the other group is pretty easy with Folder2MyPC, just open the application and choose the folder you want to map, provide it a name and click on the create button, the folder should now be available under the Other group when you open windows explorer.


Folder2MyPC also allows you to add custom applications to the control panel. Definitely worthwhile using this handy freeware. If you are impressed with this software don’t forget to take a look at several similar useful and free applications we have spoken about earlier, here is a handy list you can browse through.

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Download Folder2MyPC

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