Access Links In Firefox Using Keyboard

There are many users who prefer using the keyboard over the mouse, however with web browsing it tends to become difficult to browse webpages and links with the keyboard, specially navigating the links on the page.

There are few ways in which you can make it easier, by using Caret browsing, however if you prefer to not change the way you browse, a called Link Access will come in handy. 

Unlike other add-ons which have made for this purpose earlier, the Link Access add-on does not change your browsing experience, unless you invoke it first.


To view the keyboard shortcuts for links on the page, you have to press the shortcut key Ctrl + Z, this in turn will assign numbers to each of the links and buttons present on the page.

When you want to open a link, just enter the number located next to the link and press enter, you will automatically be taken to the URL, if you want to open links in a new window or tab, just type the number and click on Alt + Enter.

To hide the numbers next to the links, just press the Esc key once.

This is definitely a much better add-on for keyboard browsing than the one available earlier, the best thing about it is that, unlike the earlier add-ons this will not spoil your browsing experience.

Download Link Access Firefox Add-on

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