Access Google Reader From Outlook

can be used for more than just sending and receiving emails, you can also read your favorite feeds (including us) in Outlook.

But if you are a Google Reader user and do not want to re-subscribe to feeds in Outlook, there is a simple trick that will allow you to view Google Reader feed in Outlook.

The trick involves setting the home page of your RSS folder in outlook to the Google Reader homepage URL.

Here are the steps to access Google Reader from Outlook.

Step 1: Locate the RSS feeds folder in your Mail folders navigation in Outlook, right click on the folder and select properties.

Step 2: In the RSS feeds properties window, select the Home Page tab.

Step 3: Select the Show home page by default for this folderoption and enter the URL of Google Reader as the Address.


Step 4: Click on the Ok button.

Step 5: Click on the RSS feeds folder to view Google Reader in Outlook, you may need to sing-in to Google Reader before you can access your feeds.


Definitely great way of catching up with your feeds, while creating a impression that you are actually attending to important email :-).

Use Google Reader from Outlook [Life Hacker]

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  • Ali


    Can I save the feeds right in the outlook using this way? In fact I use outlook to manage my feeds and planning for them to read! I use FAST READ SKIP AT A GLANCE, self-invented the name, since I receive thousands of feeds a day as a researcher in CS.

  • Rand Noel

    Nice article BUT over the years I have RSS feeds on Google reader – My Yahoo, Feedburner, Feedblitz etc. I want them all to come to my outlook- (Using MS Office 2010Beta) I can manually add if I have the link and I can add OK if Outlook in an option But many times outlook is not and option and changing the homepage in outlook only changes ONE feed sender. any suggestions (without unsubscribing ans resubsribing I have over 100 Feeds from all over the world I use in my business.. Thanks

  • Altruist

    Why do you need to change the RSS folder config? The same steps can be followed for any folder in Outlook.