8 Best Replacements For Windows Notepad

Simplicity is a very important factor for an application. People love applications with simple interfaces. However, simple does not mean featureless. A good feature-packed and simple application is a great treat for any user.

In the same way Notepad, a built-in application that comes with MS Windows OS is simple, yet featureless. Here is a good list of alternatives for Notepad that you will love to work with and that makes your work with text files a lot easier and fruitful. These applications are simple, yet effective.

We have already reviewed some of the Notepad alternatives listed below and this will be a roundup of all those applications.

1) Notepad + +

This application is a very fine replacement for the usual Notepad that you use. It includes features like Syntax Highlighting, Macro recording and playback, multi-view, WYSIWYG editor, Zoom in and Zoom out, Auto-completion and lots more. If you ask me, I would say, “Go ahead and download it without any further thought”.

2) Metapad

This is yet another an application filled up to the brim with lots of features but still remains as a simple as it can be. It has many features such as Hyper-linking,  Favorites and recent files option, External Viewers and many more. Refer to this excellent post written by Clif Notes @ “Fire Notepad And Hire Metapad” for a journey through its features.

3) Notepad Tabs

This application has a tabs option integrated in it. This is a much needed option (yet not implemented by the Windows OS) for text editors as it helps us to work on multiple files with ease. Its other features are choosing themes, saving tabs before closing and so on. You can check this post written by us for a deeper look at this application.

4) Programmers’ Notepad

This application is a merger of all the three apps that I had mentioned earlier. If you are a programmer and use Notepad very often, then this is a necessary application. Its list of features includes  auto-completion of API files, Macro enabled, SDK for building applications, Style-preset and is compatible for the latest Windows 7 OS. Why wait? Go ahead, and start exploiting its features.   [Via Lifehacker]

5) STNotepad

This notepad alternative is a highly useful application for style freaks. Nowadays operating systems are getting better visually and it is important that your applications should blend with them. STNotepad is an application that has a fantastic semi-transparent or translucent look just like Vista or Windows 7.

6) Glass Notepad

Once again, this is an application for people who want a visual look for their applications. As the name, “Glass Notepad” suggests, this application has some rich graphics like transparency as seen in windows 7 and Vista OS.

7) Ted Notepad

This is an application embellished with great useful features. I would actually say it would force you to replace the old Notepad application. Its enhanced feature list includes different fonts, multi-clip boarding and some of the features that the above apps have. “Now, enough typing. Let’s ted-it.”

8 ) Notepad2

This application helps you if  you use programming languages like PHP, HTML, ASP, JS, Batch files and so on. Notepad2 also contains many of the same features as the applications above.

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