7 Services To Create Fake Magazine Covers From Your Photos

Yippee, I am on the cover of Fortune and Time magazine for March 2009, this is really the most exciting time for me, please do buy the magazine and enjoy the interview :-).

fake_fortune_magazine_cover fake_time_magazine_cover fake_fortune_king_of_wallstreet

Well not really, I am not on the cover on Fortune or Time magazine, but there are several services which will allow you to create fake magazine covers like the one you see above. If you are already eager to create your own fake magazine cover, don’t worry, we have you covered here, in this post we will list the best 15 online services to create your own fake magazine covers.

These free services will allow you to create fake pictures on magazine covers from Time, Maxim, Fortune, People, National Geographic, Playboy, Rolling Stone, PC Gamer, Style, Cosmopolitan, Life, Sports Illustrated, Seventeen, Business Today, Vogue, Popular, Elle, GQ, Wired among others.

MagMyPic One of the best fake magazine cover generator, this website provides you with a two step process to creating your own fake magazine cover, just upload your photo and select the magazine you want to be on. Once your fake magazine cover is created you can easily share it on social networking sites or download them to your desktop.

On Cover Page On Cover Page allows you to create fake magazine covers, however it also provides users with a option to personalize the captions, making it that much more fun. However you can create cover pages for only 4 magazines right now, including Time, National Geographic, Playboy and Business Today.

Pimp-Pic Pimp Pic provides users with a option to create several fake magazine covers by just uploading a single picture. Once your picture is uploaded it will be faked on several magazine covers, clicking on the image will let you download and share the image.

MEonMAG A service similar to Pimp Pic, just upload your image and choose from the list of magazines you want your picture to appear on.

Paparazzied Another service which allows you to create fake magazine covers, just upload your image and choose the magazine you want to fake.

My Picture On Magazine Choose from 20 popular magazines to create your fake magazine cover from, just a single step process on your way to getting famous.

Frontpage In 3 easy steps you can create a unique and fully personalized magazine cover for yourself or someone special. Use the magazine covers on your Facebook, MySpace profiles or on your own web site for free.

So which magazine are you looking to create your picture on, do share your thoughts and views with us, and don’t forget to read my interview in the next edition of Time ;-).

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  • Nice list! It is fun once in awhile to take some time and just play around once in awhile! Who knows? Maybe it is good for motivation too :)

  • IF we use this out at our friendster page or myspace or facebook this is good idea to add it just for small laugh for your friend and stranger,however if you have a blog and plan to build reputations with your site, HA ha.this will be great idea for your reader just see this image and left your blog forever,this is my opinion

  • You forgot a really great personalized magazine cover site – http://www.YourCover.com. We’ve been around since 2000 and have a very complete tool for uploading your photo, changing headlines, colors and fonts – we offer a library of things to say in your headlines and also offer a back cover (which no one else has). Let us know what you think!

  • amilla

    you forgot WriteOnIt

  • Here is the gallery of example work…mycoverpics.com gallery

  • all those sites are cool but check this one !!! i made a couple covers with this flash application and this is AMAZING


  • simon

    magcover.com is pretty nice but they d’ont have time’s cover …

  • Ron

    You can create a full, 78-page magazine spread with your photos @ http://www.mymagspread.com

    It’s awesome!

  • updatelist

    Nice List but most of those sites dont work anymore and their covers are outdated.. Be sure to add and try http://www.trendymagz.com

  • Simon Ward

    There is an app on Google Play and iTunes that is amazing and free! It is called “Mag Your Pic” and you can get in on Google Play here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magmy.photo&hl=en and iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mag-your-pic-fake-magazine/id1113470746?mt=8 Enjoy!