40 Artistic And Eye-Catching Laptop Skins and Decals

Ever noticed the artistic skins some laptops sport? Like the Lamborghini or Ferrari models that some manufactures launch? Fancy sporting a similar one for your laptop without spending a fortune on those brand centric models? You’ve come to the right place. Artistic decals or skins for laptops aren’t a new thing. People have been designing them since years, and laptops have been wearing them like Guccis and Armanis and Axes.

But finding the perfect skin for your laptop, the one that suits your dashing personality, may need some digging in. So we’ve got help. Without further ado, let me take you through the best artistic laptops skins that I’ve found, dashing ones.   Prices are not much, each of them vary between ~$7-20 and $30 at the most.


Give your laptop a mean look with this Jules Winnfield skin, of the virile hitman from Quentin Tarantino’s evergreen classic Pulp Fiction. It will play to parts. First it will attract eye balls and then it will keep bad prying eyes away. So what’ver you need, this solves the purpose. We just need art, right?

Made for 13, 15and 17notebooks and available on Etsy.


So here comes the squirrel to eat the nuts..err.. no, it’s the Apple this time. So if you like the lovely, shining Apple being chomped down by a cute squirrel, feel free to put this on your Macbook. Well, I guess non-macbook users are out of luck on this one, because Dell, HP or another manufacturer don’t have fruits or vegetables as their logos. The mighty squirrel doesn’t like to starve.

This black die cut vinyl decal is approximately 5″ high by 10″ wide. Fits on 13″, 15″ and 17″ laptop covers. Decals will adhere to most smooth flat surfaces, are easily removable and won’t leave sticky residue. Available on Etsy.


This one sports a classic and traditional look. Although it covers the entire laptop lid, you could order a translucent skin, from which the laptop label can be seen, if you care. It is anti-scratch and waterproof and leaves no residue when removed. Available on Etsy in sizes ranging for 10to 17


This is a perfect fit for those who love pianos, and well, flowers, and well, leaves, and well…all that you see in the picture. Like it? Get it here. Order as per your laptop size and select between the type of material to be used for the skin: Dull polished, leather, silk and shimmering.


For those who love to fly and feel the air, can bring the experience to their laptops with this decal. Although stay warned, even if the laptop sports a featherydecal, it won’t fly. So don’t throw it up in the air to try.

Make it yours here. You also get texture options like the previous one.


If you’d wanna scare your coworkers with CCTV Cameras built right into your laptop hood and staring them like their fifth-grade chemistry teacher, this might be a better bet.

Made of black vinyl, the skin can be ordered from here.


If you are the ataraxis kind of person, this should look cool on your laptop. Make it stand out in a fun way with this tree and birds vinyl decal. Select a color that will personalize your computer your way. The tree measures approximately 7″ tall and 4.25″ wide and comes with 3 birds that can be placed anywhere you would like. Get yours here.


Light up your laptop with this blue fireworks sticker. Works best on dark bodies. Available in leather, silk, shimmering and dull polished. Get it!


You like cats? You like them sitting on your keyboard, spilling your coffee? Then you should surely like them sitting on your laptop hood spilling everyone’s prying eyes.

Get this sleeping cat with eyes open’ (brings back Top & Jerry memories! ) from Etsy.


If you are the industry type then this cog wheel and gear decal should interest you. Available in custom sizes and colors of your choice, get it from here.


I’m sure geeks would love this one. This circuitry board decal would surely had an extra spark to your laptop lid. Available in custom sizes and different colors. Get it.


This vector type artistic decal comes personalized for 13laptops, although you can ask for custom sizes when ordering. The decal is like a really big vinyl sticker with a special adhesive that sticks to the smooth, clean surface of a laptop, but doesn’t damage it when removed. It’s also scratchproof. Find it here.


Let’s jam with Lego! This one’s 7″ X 5″ wide and sticks to any smooth surface, including laptops. As usual, leaves nothing behind when removed and keeps your laptop clean. Get it here.


Make your machine The Pirate Bay Machine! This Pirate ghost ship sticker is 6.25″ X 7″ wide and can be ordered in different colors. Get it here if you like pirates and their ghost ships. (this decal does not infringe any copyright, :P )


These lovely hibiscus flowers are available in sizes of 5and 4and you can select between different colors. Light your laptop with these large colorful flowers, grab these here.


Hail the Fail whale! Really admire the lovely fail whale? Get it on your laptop! (It won’t fail your laptop, though :P ) Have it custom build as per your laptop size and the color you wish from here.


This one is a cute Hello Kitty sticker. Works best on light colored bodies. Available in custom sizes from Etsy.


Check out this blossom vinyl sticker for a scintillating looking laptop. Sizes available, get it from here.


Have a look at this Blossom in the nightdecal. Interests you? Get it in custom sizes and different textures from Etsy.


Finally! A Ferrari sticker! Even if you don’t have a Ferrari, you could have a Ferrari laptop, at least ;) Try it with custom sizes and different textures. Grab it here.


Check out this cute cat face. Put it on any smooth surface, whether laptops, fridges or cars. Available in three different sizes 2, 3and 4, get it from here.

greenshot_2009-09-12_14-08-44 If you think that I is greater than youthan take your ego with you wherever you go with this sporty decal. Shop for it on LaptopSkins.


This one is hand-down the best laptop decal to carry for any, any support desk guy! Tell everyone to Read the F’ing manualand sip a cup of coffee in the meantime. Get it on LaptopSkins.


Give your laptop an industrial look with this cool looking decal. Shop for this one and other industrial types here.


Get this Hokusai The Great Wavelaptop skin for PC, Mac or a custom size. Get it from Schtickers.


Sport your laptop with a chic urban look. Take it in the city and make it yours. Available for all sizes, from Schtickers.


You like racing striped? Custom ones? Check this out. Put this Red Racy striped laptop skin on your computer and you’re ready to swoosh. Get it from Schtickers, in all sizes. Don’t like red? There’s a black alternative too.


Have this Rock on decal on your laptop and get ready for some fun. Suits best for party goers and office bunkers. Available in all sizes. Get it here.


Put this cute panda guitar hero on your laptop and enjoy the fun. Comes in custom sizes from Gelaskins. (Skins from Gelaskins usually go above $20)


Get this sea side scenery for your laptop. An excellent work on hand painting, this one will cost you thirty bucks from Gelaskins.


This one brings back memories of Wall-E. This red robot is shown leaving this city, a city of well, broken building and bigger bad robots. If it mesmerizes you, get it from here.


Another lego robot on the list. This time it’s with birds. Get this Red Robot decal from here. If you fancy a red robot with a dog instead, it’s there too.


This one’s for music freaks. Get this cool cartoonish figure for your laptop hood from here.


I love this one. The picture is so artistically made, it makes the whale look so cute, don’t you think so? Well, go ahead if you’re just getting it for the sake of a better fail whale. Grab it here.


I don’t know what bird is this, but it looks like a peacock. And it’s beautiful. To put it on your laptop, get it here.


Pwn! others with this slick decal. Available on for both Mac and PC, get it from here.


Flight to the rhythmwith this cool vector decal. Another one for music lovers, get this one here.


This one’s called Madness and mind it, the face really looks like of a drunk person! But it’s cool, and if you like it, get it here.


Put this exhilarating artwork on your laptop lid. It’s called What lies aheadand is available on Infectious.


If you like old school stuff, you might wanna adapt your laptop to your liking. This VHS decal makes your laptop look like a pile of tapes. Like it? Get it here.

So that finishes the list. Last, but not the least, do tell us about your favorite laptop skins in the comments and also how you like your laptop dressed!

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