Which Stats Services Are the Most Accurate? [Open Discussions]

Welcome to Open Discussions, a featured section on Techie Buzz, where we will ask questions to our readers and initiate a discussion with them every Tuesday, this is very much inspired by my mentor Liz Strauss who holds Open comments on Tuesday’s to engage users to discuss things and talk with them.


Out here we will hold regular discussions on Tuesday’s when most of you are fresh enough from the weekend and have gone through the worst day of the week, otherwise known as Monday’s.

Discussions will involve different things and topics, and we hope and wish you all participate in it.

So here is our first Open Discussion, if you want to discuss something you want, please feel free to contact us, we will involve it in the future discussion and credit you for it.

This week’s discussion involves statistical tracking programs like Google Analytics, Sitemeter, Performancing and many others including some real-time stats tracking services.

We have used many in the past, however at the end of the day most of these services show different statistics, this causes a huge problem on whom to trust and whom not to.

However as a user you might have come across and used many different stats programs, which one do you trust the most? Is there any reason why you do that? We would love to hear everything about it.

About us, well we trust Google Analytics for the stats and rely on Reinvigorate for most of the real time stats, it’s your turn now, go ahead and tell us.

We will do a follow up post on this and include your comments, discussions and links to you, so go ahead and kick off our first Open Discussion, we would love to have YOU the Rockstar to kick start this.

The mike idea shamelessly borrowed from Liz and the mike in itself has been borrowed from here.

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