We want to know your Favorite Browser [User Poll]

In this every competing world of Internet there are several browsers available to users for browsing the Internet. Each browser have their own good and bad and users tend to have their own favorites.

In this ever going trend, we are truly amazed on how browsers keep on becoming better and better. We are more than curious about what our readers favorite browsers are.

So go ahead tell us through your comments, which browser is your favorite and why you think it is better than the others, we will compile a list from the comments and let the world know why they should use any particular browser based on your feedback.

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  • as every one would expect mozilla is surely goona win this poll … :D … Its one of my favorite browser basically coz of the number of extensions available…

  • Personally, my favorite browser is Firefox, I am actually, currently using the nightly builds of firefox 3.1 alpha 2 prerelease. And i must say, it is even better than firefox 3.0, especially, in the memory management department.

    Before firefox I used opera, which is a great browser, and 9.5 made it even better, but I like firefox more because of all the extensions.

  • My favourite browser is Firefox because of the various add-ons which makes internet surfing so easy.

  • Mozilla Firefox has always been my favorite browser due to following reasons:
    1. First and foremost is the Extension that on can add to Firefox to customize it.
    2. The about:config option that lets you tweak Firefox the way you want
    3. The themes let you customize look according to your mood.
    4. Since Firefox 3, i’ve started loving the Awesome bar. which lets you visit you bookmarks and history very easily.
    5. The time it takes to clear your Private Data is very less as compared to IE.

  • I used to like IE7 but now have shifted to FF3. And i also like the look and feel of Safari. Pity it doesnt come with extensions and toolbars

  • Madhankumar

    i vote for Firefox 3

    coz it is highly customizable than any other browsers…
    this is one of the biggest advantage of firefox

  • My favorite is Firefox. because of the extentions offcourse

  • I don’t really have a favorite. I stopped using IE for just about everything though as it seems like it just doesn’t work well with Vista – constantly getting error messages and the sort. The rest of the time I switch between firefox and opera depending on what I’m doing. It seems like firefox is compatible with the most, opera a little more user friendly, but doesn’t always work…


  • Even I would also vote for FF3, although I use IE7 for few things.

  • I vote FF! But recently I back to IE because my FF oftenly get error.

  • FF3 is the most subtable for me

  • Deejam

    I vote for Mozilla Firefox…