Tweetmeme vs [Spam Edition]

Well this picture should speak better words than what I want to convey.


I saw this on the newly launched which is a direct competitor to Tweetmeme both of which aggregate links on and show them Digg style to the users.

However looks like has a lot of work to do before they can even come close to the quality that is maintained on Tweetmeme. What is your take on this, do you like Tweetmeme or better?

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  • I personally don’t really like either sites but I am fmiliar with them for work purposes. There is a lot of spam ReTweet but I think the relatively new nature of the site does give them time to get it sorted. Isn’t the site still Beta?

  • Yeah I donno, “the quality that is maintained on Tweetmeme” is… certainly unmatched.

    • @Sean I did not mean to say was doing a bad job I just said that there needs to be better filtering in place

  • Jared, just because of this article.. I went to tweetmeme clicked on a few links and found more spam actually then this retweet