TechCrunch Wronged Amit Agarwal On The Comments Saga

I have been a blogger for almost 4 years now, and in that period I have met incredible people online, one of them being Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration, who I have not yet met in person, but will do sooner rather than later.


However, knowing Amit online has been a pleasure and we have interacted several times in the past. One thing I can tell you about him is that, he is a person who researches well enough before writing articles, we all do, but Amit has a incredible knack of getting things right, and I have had first hand experience of it.


A recent post Amit wrote has blown into a controversy, the post in question was about TechCrunch not displaying comments on posts older than 10 days, you can read it here. It was a well researched post and quickly made it to TechMeme (who ignores several of our posts :-( ).

Once you get into the TechMeme river, it is more than natural for every Tech guru to notice it, and it was, by a TechCrunch blogger, Robin Wauters, who wrote a counter post titled "Your Comments Are Safe With Us", which you can read here. Now in that post Robin took the liberty to call it "an allegation", however, it was not an allegation, it was just information that we all would like to know.

Being a regular commentator on TechCrunch and having viewed the enormous amounts of information that is passed on in comments, it would more than affect me that comments on older posts were not being displayed, if I would have got the news first, I would have published it too.

Robin wrote this, emphasis added by him:

I’ll start with the part that checks out: yes, comments on older blog posts are not being displayed at the moment, although they are still stored in the database on our side. But no, we did not remove them because we were looking to decrease our page load time although we’re constantly looking for ways to do so and there’s no big search engine optimization conspiracy behind it either.

Well, if you read Amit’s post, no where in his post did he say that TechCrunch had deleted comments, he just mentioned that (emphasis added by me):

If you are a frequent commenter on TechCrunch blog, here’s a slightly disheartening news for you TechCrunch has stopped displaying user comments on all stories that are older than 10 days. Your comments have not been deleted from the actual WordPress database but they aren’t putting them on the site anymore.

Also, the rest of the post did not make an assumption as to why TechCrunch removed their comments, it just stated some reason’s as to why someone would get rid of comments. It also quoted on why Engadget had to stop comments on their posts.

Agreed that the title was a little bit misleading, however, you just cannot blame or demean anyone without reading the article properly. We all want to know how TechCrunch works and what they do, and Michael has been more than transparent in that area, but accusing Amit without fully reading the post, just because it made to TechMeme was totally wrong.

This post is a silent protest against TechCrunch. And no, I am not asking for any apologies to be sent out or anything, that matter has to be between Amit and Michael. However, I could not sit around and be a silent observer when someone who I know does his job thoroughly and without doubt, being accused of being wrong, when there was only a slight hint of problem in the title of the post.

Rest is up to you.

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