Microsoft Office Available For Only $29 In China

Microsoft softwares are one of the most pirated softwares to hit the market, and there is no doubt that they price factor plays a huge role in that.

To tackle the piracy issue Microsoft has been lowering the prices of their software in various countries, however one country at-least is getting the better end of the deal.

If you are in China you can buy a copy of Microsoft Office for only $29, now that is a deal not many would want to miss and also almost close to being free.

This price is to tackle the more than 95% pirated copies of Office used throughout China, and yes the pricing strategy does work. Microsoft has been able to increase sales by 800% since they lowered the price last September.

So if piracy winning the war, or are all Microsoft products just overpriced? What are your thoughts about this, do let us know.

[via The Windows Club]

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Office Available For Only $29 In China”

  1. In my opinion Microsoft products are not overpriced, they are just expensive. I think lowering prices would help combat piracy, which is an issue worldwide concerning Microsoft products. $29 for a genuine Windows CD. Now that’s awesome. Nobody would want to miss such a deal.

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