Is Facebook Cloning Twitter?

No, you did not hear it wrong and neither did acquire , it is just that the Facebook team have released a new design, which now makes Facebook resemble Twitter.


Though both these services are pretty popular, it is really surprising that Facebook will run a complete copy of Twitter, are they just too scared of losing the social networking crown to Twitter, or are they too pissed off about their failed attempt to buyout twitter?

If you ask for my opinion, I would rather stick with Twitter to send out my updates about what I am doing, Facebook is too bloated and I seldom spend more than 10 minutes on it every couple of days. If you compare both these social networking sites, twitter is the winner all the way for its simplicity and ease of use.

What is your opinion about this new redesign by Facebook? Do you think that they have lost it and are just copying from competition? Or do you think that Facebook is moving in the right path? Do let us know about your opinions.

4 thoughts on “Is Facebook Cloning Twitter?”

  1. how can you say that ? :)
    In my opinion Facebook is more powerful than twitter
    Twitter is just a micro blogging service
    The redesign is just to give a better user experience, as the previous one used to have all unnecessary updates.

    Also if you say that “Facebook cloning twitter”
    I ask you who first came and who first introduced the concept of updating the status message ( like what am i doing now )

    just don’t go with the opinion which is supported by few guys over the internet

    btw, your blog is good :) just got subscribed

  2. I personally don’t like the new redesign of facebook, and I do see the similarities with twitter now that you’ve pointed them out. As I don’t really use twitter much I wouldn’t have seen it like this if you didn’t alert me to the fact!

  3. I try Facebook Timeline for at least a week and I don’t like it, and I was wondering if you can assist me in taking me back to my old layout? because I try getting back to my old layout and it doesn’t let me, it ask me for my mobile cell phone so they can send me the code and I can give them authorization to remove Timeline and I don’t have text on my cell phone.

    Looking forward for your respond

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