Is The Internet Hurting The Environment? [Infographic]

Being in existence for over 28 years now, I have come to hear several times on how humanoids and their inventions are destroying the environment. From car emissions to the Ozone layer, this discussion is never ending. We have been so worried about global warming that countries all across the world have now started to buck up their environmental friendly measures.

But what about the internet? The thing we are always on to chat with friends, social network on and , and maybe sometimes use to work. Is it hurting our environment in anyways?

Well, according to Word Stream it will. Every Google Search you do emits equivalent CO2 as much as driving your car for 3 inches. Each spam message you get produces the equivalent of 0.3 grams of CO2. Surprised? Well then check out the infographic below created by Word Stream to know more such facts.


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