Why The So Called Google Search Killers Fall Flat On Their Face

Google Search is by the leader in the search industry, and there is no way that I am the only one saying this, numbers from various tracking companies have been conforming this year over year, no doubt Google has been innovating search with experimental features, but there are some very very good people who have been innovating far better, yet they keep failing.

The biggest reason many of these people fail is because they are terming themselves as so called Google killers? Uhm, now I would be glad to have some innovativeness, but hey Microsoft and Yahoo failed for 10 years, tell me something new.

The biggest debacle in recent times has been Cuil, who were big enough to brag about being a Google search killer, but fell flat just within hours of launching, we did have our share of problems with Cuil the so called Google killer.

The more recent examples of making Google a direct competition have been Wolfram Alpha and Spezify, both of these are innovative at their core, however they forgot the basis of their innovativeness by starting to compare themselves as Google killers.

By far that is far from having a realistic approach to begin with, where Live search and Yahoo the other biggest search market players have failed for so long, how can you come straight out of the womb and say that you are going to be a market leader killer.

Like I said I have no problems with these offerings, they are pretty good and innovative in their own sense, but without having evolved and tested the waters, terming yourself, or getting yourself termed as a Google killer is by far the biggest mistake, many companies sank themselves just because they didn’t get the approach right, and there are few who are digging the wells to dive straight down.

As far as I am concerned there will be a time when there will be a Google search killer, however that will only happen when newer search companies take an approach to showoff their innovativeness and build themselves, before starting to compete with Google Search from day 1.

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