Auto Spell Check Can Really Do Good For Google Docs & Gmail

We had told you about 3 which added couple of new features including auto spell check corrections for common typos users make, this feature can be immensely useful for people who write a lot.

People usually spend around 2-10% of the time to correct spelling mistakes and typos on an average, the time thus spent could in the end account for a huge amount of time waste.

The one feature we love in the Microsoft Office family is the ability to auto correct typos for common words without having the user having to do it manually, this is a really good feature when you write a lot of mails or documents.

However this feature was lacking when you edited documents, wrote comments or did other things on the Internet, however thanks to the folks behind Google Chrome users can now have the same features while they write using their browser.

Like we had said in the earlier post, we really do think that this feature will help and users immensely when it comes to users who use Google Chrome, the reason is that both these services do not have a auto spell check corrector, however with the help of this new feature in Chrome, both these services will get a immensely useful feature while editing documents or writing emails, just like they had with Microsoft Word or .

That said, auto spell check corrector is not limited to just these two services and can be used anywhere.

It would be great to have auto-spell check maintain a user database like office products, allowing users to specify custom words they want to auto-correct, this would definitely be great as you could use that feature to automatically expand text, the usage could definitely be more than that, but it would be great nevertheless.

What do you think about this feature, would it do you any good? Do you think that we have missed something here? Do let us know your thoughts about them.

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