Feedburner Introduces Social Sharing Options for Twitter. Should You Dump Twitterfeed?
By on December 14th, 2009

Feedburner, the most popular service for sharing RSS feeds, has always been innovating, albeit I personally prefer to call them the stock market of blogs due to the regular up and downs in the Feed subscription counts. Feedburner has now decided to take on Twitterfeed (read our review) by introducing Feedburner Socialize, which offers social sharing options for your feeds.


The new Social options for Feedburner are pretty similar to Twitterfeed and allow you to share your new posts on . The shared content will use the New URL shortening service from Google called goo.gl. Before you decide to jump on the new Feedburner Socialize feature, take a look at what Feedburner offers, and what Twitterfeed is already offering.


Short URL Tracking

Google’s goo.gl URL shortening does not offers users an ability to track clicks, on the other hand Twitterfeed allows users to use their custom API key from Bit.ly and other services. This in turn allows you to track number of clicks on the shared URL.

Sharing on Several Social Networking Sites at Once

Right now Feedburner Socialize only offers sharing on Twitter. On the other hand, Twitterfeed integrates easily with Ping.fm, in the process allowing you to share your content on multiple social networking sites at once.

Sharing Feeds That You Don’t Own

Feedburner Socialize only offers sharing options for your own feeds, however, Twitterfeed allows users to share content from any RSS feed on the Internet.

Centralized Management

Feedburner Socialize does offer centralized management for both feeds and social sharing, however, it still lacks a lot of features. Agreed that it has just launched today, however, if you are launching a service why not added features that are already available in different services.

Switching to Feedburner Socialize might have some benefits, but considering the feature Twitterfeed offers, it would be certainly unwise to make the jump, just because it is a Google service.

Will you dump Twitterfeed for Feedburner Socialize? Let us know through your comments.

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