Shocking Fact: Twitter has More Uptime than Facebook

Facebook v/s Twitter
Facebook v/s Twitter

Twitter is almost as famous for its downtime, as it is for anything else. So the fact that Twitter had more uptime than Facebook last week, shows how well it is maintaining its servers. Indeed a shocking fact !

Last week, Twitter had uptime of 97.97 percent of the time, beating out even Facebook’s availability of 97.22 percent, according to benchmarks published by AlertSite . The only site in the benchmark with better uptime was YouTube, with 99.13 percent availability during the week.

But you should not compare Facebook for its downtime with Twitter. Facebook is a much more complicated site with 350 million members and an estimated 438 million unique visitors a month worldwide, versus 60 million for Twitter, yet its response times are the fastest. And Facebook is providing photos, videos, and apps, while Twitter only has text messages and avatar images. MySpace lags in this measure with an average response time of 6.8 seconds, three times slower than Facebook.

  • 97.97% of uptime? Does it means every 3 months (100 days), we had to suffer 2 days' downtime? Amazing…