Nmap: Network Tool turned Movie Star

Very rarely do movies put a real computer application to do a real thing, even rarely do they actually use it correctly. But, Nmap here, seems to be the hot favourite; be it CIA or NSA or a hot good-guy’s gal, you name it. Nmap has made a number of appearances in some major movies of the last decade and is our movie star of the decade.

Here are some of the movies starring Nmap.


Remember the hacker from Die-Hard 4 that our detective John McClane is supposed to retrieve for breaching into the FBI computers? The hacker Matthew Farrell displays his Nmap skills, giving the real feel of a geek terminal.

Matrix Reloaded

Who can forget Trinity from Matrix? Well, here we have a beauty with brains. She used a real, as in 100% real SSH1 CRC32 exploit to hack into the city power grid. The hack was so real, that the Scotland Yard and the British Computer Society issued a joint notice on it saying,

Viewers of the new box office blockbuster ‘Matrix Reloaded’ should not be tempted to emulate the realistic depiction of computer hacking.

Bourne Ultimatum

In Bourne Ultimatum, the CIA needs to read the mail of a reported they assassinated, so much for death. Nmap and Zenmap, the GUI for Nmap is used to get technical details of the mail server.

13. Game Of Death

In this Thai thriller movie, we see a man willing to complete 13 challenges to win $100,000,000. The tasks grow darker as he climbs up the prize money ladder. Ultimately, one of the protagonist’s friends breaks into the game’s website using Nmap.

I have mentioned only a few of the good movies in this list. This shows one place where Linux can surely be used – for Geek terminals.
Check the rest of the entries at this page on the Nmap website.

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