Google Does Not Display More Than 1000 Results [DYK]

Google is most used search engine one could come across. The first thing I do, when I want to search something, is to head to Google. However, that Google only displays a maximum of 1000 results per query?


If you try to go beyond 1000 results, Google will display an error to you, as displayed in the screenshot above.

To try this yourself, go to and search for any keyword. Once you are shown some results with more than 1000 entries, add &start=1010 to the URL. Once you do that, you will see the above error.

There is no real explanation as to why Google restricts the results to just 1000. However, I pretty much believe that, Google has considered those limits based on how much results a user tries to browse. In my experience, I have not browsed more than 20 pages or 200 results for a single search query. What about you? What is the max number of results you have browsed in Google search results for any given query?

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