DYK Thursday – Using Single Gmail Account With Multiple Email Addresses

In today’s DYK, I will be explaining about an interesting feature in Gmail, which I thought many newbies might not know. You can use single Gmail account with multiple email addresses (variations of your emails id).

The trick is based upon this fact: Gmail does not consider the DOTS (.) in between the email addresses. For example, if an address like techie.buzzer@gmail.com is registered, then all the following addresses are also considered to be registered.

  1. tech.iebuzzer@gmail.com
  2. techiebuzz.er@gmail.com
  3. t.e.c.h.i.e.b.u.z.z.e.r@gmail.com and so on.

So, Google gives no importance to the dots in the address. Another fact is that, you can add anything after a “+” sign in your email id, it doesn’t really matter. Example, if your email id is something like “pramodh@techie-buzz.com” then this address is equivalent to “pramodh+work@techie-buzz.com”.

Using this fact, you can do a trick to automatically segregate all mails into their respective labels. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Let us consider that you have a email id as test@techie-buzz.com
  2. Let us consider you use the same id for many purposes.
  3. In such cases, you can distibute different versions of your id to different people. For example, you can add “+friends” and distribute it to your friends. Similarly, “+work” and distribute it your colleagues.
  4. After this, you can create a “to” filter in your Gmail account. In the “to” filter, enter the email address, test+friends@gmail.com. Click “Next” and apply the label, “Friends”.
  5. The next time anyone sends you an email to “test+friends@gmail.com, it will automatically get the label “Friends”.

Like this, you can use a single Gmail account for multiple purposes. Share your comments on this trick. Is this trick new to you or an old one? Do you find this trick helpful and useful?

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  • http://dtechwiz.blogspot.com Karthik Prabhu

    Nice article.. I didn't know about this feature in Gmail.. It's really nice.. :)