Stylebot: Customize Any Website’s Design With Your Own CSS and Save Them Locally

If you are a web designer, the very first extension which should be installed in your browser is definitely Firebug. The extension is available for Firefox as well as Google Chrome and allows you to customize the CSS and style properties of different web elements on any web page.

One of the problems with Firebug is that you are not able to save the customized design for later use. Of course, you can copy the applied changes to a simple text file but then again it is not very convenient. This is because when you open the same webpage later, you have to apply the styles all over again.

This is extremely annoying and time consuming, especially when you are designing something and want to implement the changes after you have completed the whole design. In case of Firebug, you have to note down the changes and apply them recursively.

Stylebot is a chrome extension which aims to simplify the customization part of different web elements, making it more accessible and adaptable.

After the extension is installed, click the Stylebot icon placed just next to the chrome address bar and you will see a sidebar appearing to the right where you can define the different CSS rules.

You can modify the font type, font sizes, background color, hex codes and pretty much every CSS element. When you are done, Stylebot will save the style properties locally in your computer so that everytime you visit the same webpage, the applied styles are executed.

You don’t need to write the applied changes elsewhere because Stylebot will note the URL of the webpage and save the style changes automatically, which can be seen from the extension options.

To see Stylebot in action, watch the video demonstration below:

Hence, if you want a good tool which can save customized CSS rules of any webpage, it’s worth giving Stylebot a try.

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