AvatarsDB: 38,000+ Free Avatars To Download

Ever found your avatar to be too simple? Think it doesn’t really represent what you are? Head over to AvatarsDB to find an avatar that suits you. With over 38,000 avatars in over 500 categories, you are sure to find something that you’ll like.

Avatars are spread over a variety of categories including animals, anime, movies, sports, music, people and art. AvatarsDB also contains over 400 animated avatars that you can use. Simply browse through the database or search for an avatar. Once you like something, you can download it to your local drive or get an HTML code to embed it on a web page or social network.

Each avatar is rated by users. If you are not sure how an avatar would look against a specific background, you can test it by selecting a background color. You also have an option to re-size most of the avatars to your desired size. You can also contribute by uploading free avatars to the database.

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