TrackMania Nations Forever Released for Free by Steam

As a kid, if you ever liked racing cars on crazy tracks that you either built or bought, TrackMania Nations: Forever is the game built specifically for you by a full-blown development studio. And oh, it is completely free.

Before you delve into considering how bad this game might be (since it is free), here are a few screenshots that might set the tone for the rest of this post-


These are rendered in-game. These are not cutscenes.


Yep, that is what you will be racing in. That huge track completely built for you with realistic physics and beautiful shadows. There are 64 more tracks like these for you to race in, not to mention a track-editor that allows for virtually unlimited fan-made tracks. There is a built-in video editor that allows you to capture and edit your races to show the rest of the world how well you drive, or that impossible stunt that you pulled off. These can easily be shared with your friends online and you can challenge them to beat your times as well!


But of course, there are a few limitations the solo mode is completely time-trial so the only way you can compete with other cars is online (which is pretty robust with solo points and ladders). There is only one car available for you; however the skinning options are unlimited as you can customize your car to your heart’s content with the built in skin editor.


This is a game that challenges you with quick reflexes and strategic driving over better/faster cars that you can buy. With a good set of online features, eye-popping graphics and brilliant physics and most importantly, intelligently designed tracks and unlimited customization this game is one of the best free games released! If you think you are up to the challenge, download the game for free from either the homepage or Steam and get set, go!

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