Total War Mega Pack 66% Off on Steam

Seeing how Valve’s digital distribution site Steam ropes in buyers with constant sales, it is no surprise as the five huge Total War games (the huge here is redundant the Total War series is known for its scale). Where other strategy games scale down units and squads, this game makes no compromise on the matter. Command armies and send them to decimate fortresses and battle in the open for dominion over the region. With Empire, Medieval II and Rome, this combination pack of games is a great deal for $20.39 till the 15th of February.


The games included are:-

Empire: Total War: Command legions of men in the 18th century for colonial domination. This is one of the highest rated Total War games and can also be bought standalone for $10.19. If you have the rest of the games, buy this for it is an experience to play.


Medieval II: Total War: Ever wanted to direct an epic battle featuring 10,000 soldiers on an epic battleground? This is the closest you can get to the huge scenarios involving the Middle-East, Africa, Asia and the New World as you rewrite the history of the world!


Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms: The expansion to the previous game, this one does what it is supposed to expands countries, territories and units to fulfill all your cravings for more war!


Rome: Total War Gold: Conquer the Roman empire and crush the barbarians, or seize the Roman empire with your barbaric hordes. Epic has been an oft-repeated adjective for this series!


Rome: Total War Alexander: An expansion to Rome: Total War Gold this tantalizing game allows you to create the humungous Alexandrian Empire from Macedonia to the borders of India. Play as the Persians, Greeks or Indians in this expansion!


This entire package, usually priced at $59.99 is available to you at the price of $20.39 only on Steam until the 15th of February! So hurry!

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