Download The First Episode of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space for Free [Gaming Deals]

Sam-&-Max-Season2-Free-DownloadIf you love adventure games, you have probably heard about the Sam and Max series by TellTale games. Based on the Sam & Max – the Freelance Police comic strip, these games were instrumental in infusing new life into a dying genre.

Sam and Max games are graphic adventure video games which utilize an episodic format (similar to television shows). Each season tells has an over-arching plotline which is revealed over several self-contained episodes. The first season (Sam & Max Save the World) garnered universal praise for intelligent puzzles, whacky and humorous storyline and satire. It ended up winning multiple Editors Choice and Game of the Year awards.

The second season (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space) takes Sam & Max to an all new level with more mini-games, improved environment and wittier storylines. Adventure Gamers called Sam & Max the best comic adventure games in the modern era”. If you haven’t yet joined in on the fun, this is your opportunity.

TellTale games is giving away the first episode of Season 2, i.e. Ice Station Santa. Just head over to and create a new account (if you don’t have one). You would instantly receive the download link and unlock code for the full game in your inbox. The full season is now available for $19.95 ($10 discount) and both the seasons is available for $39.95 ($20 discount).

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