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I am a big fan of bookmarklets and I love shopping online. I just came across a web service that brings the best of those two worlds together.

First, lets talk about online shopping and how you can save some dough by using some cool web services. Traditionally, we might see an item in a store shelf and if you are a deal nut like me, you’d probably go back to check on the prices now and then to see if the prices dropped. In the online shopping world, you would do this by bookmarking a product page and re-visiting it from time to time (could be several times a day depending on how obsessed you are) to see if there’s been a price drop to sang it at the ‘right’ price’.

There have been several web services, Firefox extensions, etc to help you automate this process. They will notify you when a price of an item that you are interested in drops. Without you lifting a finger.

PricePinx does the same for you. It can keep an eye on the product you are interested in and sends you an alert by email when there has been a price drop. I like how they have implemented this. They have built a bookmarklet that you can drag to your browser toolbar. When you are looking at a product page, just highlight the price and hit the bookmarklet to start watching that product. That’s it!

Price Pinx

You don’t even have to be registered to use this service. But, if you take moment to do so, you can manage all your alerts from one place. On hitting the !pinx bookmarklet, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your login information or just provide an email address where you would like to get an alert. Isn’t the simplicity of using this so cool?

Price Pinx 2

It is supported in a lot of the online shoppings places such as Amazon, NewEgg, Overstock,, BestBuy, etc. You just have to make sure you pinx! it from the product detail page and not somewhere else like the order page, etc.

I like a service when it makes my life online easier without making me jump through hoops to get there. This one definitely fits the bill or rather for saving the bill.

!pinx bookmarklet

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