Pre-Purchase DoWII Chaos Rising on Steam and Get Saints Row 2 Free

Blood Ravens or the Chaos Marines of the Black Legion you choose in this exciting new sequel to Dawn of War II. Yes, we all hunger for this game it has become the object of our fantasy, and about three weeks before its release date, Steam has decided to egg us on with a juicy pre-purchase offer on Chaos Rising. The $29.99 price tag notwithstanding, Steam is ready to give away Saints Row 2 for free if you pre-purchase Chaos Rising.

Chaos Rising

So why would I buy Chaos Rising anyway, you ask? Well, in addition to the usual gimmicks of a sequel (new missions, units, maps, level caps) a new Chaos corruption mechanic adds to the brooding flavor of the atmosphere. Devastating weapons laced with the corruption of the Chaos Gods influence this story which (as always) is full of the brutality that has become the trademark of the DoW series.


And while you are waiting for the game to unlock, what would be a better way to spend those nail-biting days and nights than playing an open-world action game? That is exactly what Saints Row 2 is. With complete customization and great combat not to mention multiplayer support to go with the story missions that span the entire free-roaming world, this is a game for all of you Fallout 3, Oblivion, GTA lovers who would prefer a more down-to-Earth setting.

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is available for pre-purchase on Steam here.

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