Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter 66% Off

Serious Sam is anything but serious. This old school arcade-style shooter set a new bar when it came to using clichéd situations, storylines and hilariously odd enemies. While the original itself was wildly popular and enjoyed (or I daresay still enjoys) a huge fan following, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter is the revamped High Definition version of the classic beautifully rendered in the Serious 3 engine. So, while the entire game feels pretty and lush with texture, the same frantic mayhem and on-screen action will greet players.


As Sam SeriousStone, you are sent back to ancient Egypt to, uh, kill things. The story is, to put it mildly, unimportant. What is is the amount of crazies you have to face off against with guns, guns, some more guns, and finally a lot of other guns. How these guns came to be in ancient Egypt, you ask me? I really don’t care! It is freakishly hilarious and must be enjoyed without giving leeway to such questions!


Steam is releasing this great new revamp for $6.79 for this weekend only. If you like first person shooters with a lot of gore and action, this one is definitely for you.


A word of warning, this game is rated M for Mature (18+) and is absolutely, frantically mindless.

Buy Halo 3: ODST – Xbox 360 For $30 [Gaming Deals]

Costco is selling a copy of Halo 3: ODST for Xbox 360 at $30, that is almost $15 cheaper than what you can buy at Amazon. Halo 3 is a game created exclusively for Xbox 360 and is a epic story told through the eyes of an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper), as they search for clues leading to the whereabouts of their scattered squad and the motivations behind the Covenant’s invasion of New Mombasa.

Halo 3 ODST Xbox 360

Costco members get to buy the copy at $30, however non-members have to pay a surcharge, taking the total price to $31.50. Halo 3 is developed by Microsoft.

Halo 3 ODST Features

  • ODSTs: Follow the story of the legendary ODSTs or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers as they drop into the ruined city of New Mombasa, looking for clues behind the Covenant’s catastrophic attack on the city.
  • A new hero: Prepare to drop. Known for their courage, valor and at times, insanity, Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are among the fiercest UNSC soldiers, priding themselves on being the first unit deployed into hostile situations. While not as large or supernaturally gifted as their Spartan comrades, these Hell Jumpers more than compensate with their ferocious attitudes and unwavering nerve.
  • Multiplayer: All the traditional features of Halo 3 multiplayer will be included in the new game, including full-featured integration with the Forge map editor.
  • Ever-growing community options. Players will continue to enjoy all the great Halo 3technological innovations, including Saved Films, screenshots, Campaign Scoring and four-player co-op over Xbox LIVE. All of the new Halo 3multiplayer maps fully support the Forge editor, offering near endless gameplay customization possibilities for fans
  • Key to Halo: Reach. As a special bonus for fans, all copies of Halo 3: ODSTwill provide access to the Halo: Reachmultiplayer beta when the beta goes live. More information about the Halo: Reachmultiplayer beta will be shared at a later date.

Buy Halo 3 ODST – Xbox 360

Biggest Loser Wii Game for $20

Best buy has the biggest loser game for Wii on sale at $20 with free pickup or $2.95 shipping. The Biggest Loser game is based on the popular US based reality show and provides users with an option to workout while they have fun.

Biggest Loser game for Wii

Biggest Loser Wii Features

  • Complete a four-, eight- or 12-week health and fitness program in which you’ll compete with contestants from prior seasons of the hit TV show
  • Perform more than 88 exercises, including upper body, lower body, cardio and yoga
  • Use your Wii Balance Board (not included) to help you perform exercises like squats, knee lifts and lunges
  • Learn important health and lifestyle tips, including healthy recipes from The Biggest Loser cookbook, a calorie counter and suggestions from personal trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, as well as chefs and contestants
  • Personalize your experience by selecting your difficulty level, personal goal, trainer and team color and customizing your fitness routine
  • Train with a friend and compete in weekly challenges
  • For 1 to 2 players

Amazon has the Biggest Loser Game for $19.99 too, however it is for Nintendo DS. The Wii game sells for $34.99 on Amazon.

Buy Biggest Loser Game for Wii

TrackMania Nations Forever Released for Free by Steam

As a kid, if you ever liked racing cars on crazy tracks that you either built or bought, TrackMania Nations: Forever is the game built specifically for you by a full-blown development studio. And oh, it is completely free.

Before you delve into considering how bad this game might be (since it is free), here are a few screenshots that might set the tone for the rest of this post-


These are rendered in-game. These are not cutscenes.


Yep, that is what you will be racing in. That huge track completely built for you with realistic physics and beautiful shadows. There are 64 more tracks like these for you to race in, not to mention a track-editor that allows for virtually unlimited fan-made tracks. There is a built-in video editor that allows you to capture and edit your races to show the rest of the world how well you drive, or that impossible stunt that you pulled off. These can easily be shared with your friends online and you can challenge them to beat your times as well!


But of course, there are a few limitations the solo mode is completely time-trial so the only way you can compete with other cars is online (which is pretty robust with solo points and ladders). There is only one car available for you; however the skinning options are unlimited as you can customize your car to your heart’s content with the built in skin editor.


This is a game that challenges you with quick reflexes and strategic driving over better/faster cars that you can buy. With a good set of online features, eye-popping graphics and brilliant physics and most importantly, intelligently designed tracks and unlimited customization this game is one of the best free games released! If you think you are up to the challenge, download the game for free from either the homepage or Steam and get set, go!

Free RSS Flash Google Reader App for iPhone

Another neat RSS reader iPhone/iPod Touch app is up for grabs. The RSS Flash g Lite is a paid to free app which synchronizes with your Google Reader account and allows you to easily read feeds on the go.


RSS Flash allows you to synchronize your feeds with your Google account. RSS Flash was earlier available for $1.99, but is now completely free. However, it does not include sharing features. Those can be additionally purchased for $0.99.

However, if you want to read on feeds on the go, this looks like a pretty good app.

Download Flash RSS Lite [iTunes Link]

Download O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition Free [Software Deals]

Need a professional defragmenting tool for Windows? We do have a huge list of the best defragmentation software for Windows. However, if you are looking for a more professional or paid software to defragment your hard drive, you can now download a version of O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition for free.

O&O Defrag 10 Professional Free

The software is not the latest version, but what the heck it is free for downloads.

O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition for Windows-based workstations unlocks your computer’s hidden performance. By securely repacking your hard disk’s fragmented data back together, the operation of your hard disks can be streamlined to run with lightning efficiency. O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition offers an extremely simple user interface with a multitude of important functions you won’t find with other defragmentation software.

Guitar Hero World Tour Game Only for $14.55 [Gaming Deals]

Guitar Hero is a highly addictive and interesting game. I remember playing it at my friend’s place and having the fun of my life. If you are a fan of the game, you can buy a copy of the Guitar Hero World Tour game for only $14.55, that is a $34.44 discount and eligible for free shipping if you purchase items more than $25 on Amazon.

Guitar Hero World Tour Cheap Deals

You can purchase the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero World Tour for $14.55, PS3 version for $19.99 and Nintendo Wii version for $25.46. Definitely worth the buy, and enjoy strumming those guitar strings.

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50% Sale on Popcap Games [Gaming Deals]

Popcap Games, the creators of the most addictive games for desktop have a running 50% sale on downloadable games till 27th December 2009. The games on sale include Zuma’s Revenge, Bejeweled 2, Book Worm, Plants vs Zombies, Alchemy and more.


Popcap Games are available for download on a PC or a Mac and iPhone. The current discount of 50% is only available for games which can be downloaded. Most games are available on sale for less than $10.

Buy Popcap Games at 50% Discount

Microsoft Zune HD 32GB for $240, 16GB for $180 [Gadget Deals]

All you Microsoft Zune fans, who have been waiting to purchase a Zune HD, we have some good news for you. You can buy a 32GB Zune HD at for $240 ($50 discount) and a 16GB Zune HD for $180 ($40 discount).


Zune HD Features

  • Zune HD 32 GB: Holds up to 10 hours of high definition video, or 48 hours of standard definition video, or 8,000 songs, or 25,000 pictures.
  • Zune HD 16 GB: Holds up to 5 hours of high definition video, or 22 hours of standard definition video, or 4,000 songs, or 12,000 pictures.
  • Built-in HD Radio receiver
  • OLED 3.3 inch screen with 480×272 resolution and 16:9 display
  • HD video output (requires HDTV and Zune HD & AV Dock, all sold separately)
  • Internet browsing
  • Wireless capabilities

Buy Zune HD 32GB for $240 | Buy Zune HD 16GB for $180

Backupify: cloud backup[Free account till 31st January]

Backupify is a cloud backup solution which creates a backup of many of your online accounts like Gmail, Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, WordPress, Photobucket and alike. Backupify can backup all your online data from these accounts and that too for a nominal fee of around $4 to $15 based on the plan you choose. It also allows free backup of twitter accounts.

Backupify is now offering free accounts till the 31st of January. These accounts will be fully functional and will have all features. Also, the free accounts created during this offer will remain free and unlimited forever. That is an excellent offer from Backupify, so grab your free account today. Visit the Backupify homepage here.

Backupify is continuously adding new services to their list and will soon add support for LinkedIn and Yahoo. The process of giving away free accounts is an attempt to create a buzz for attracting new users and for advertising a new revised pricing scheme, which will be announced earlier next year.

As Rob May, the President of Backupify puts it,

It’s about data liberation. My data is everywhere. I just want to be able to control it.

And when it is about a free backup, we would all love to try it.