Mount & Blade On Offer This Weekend on Steam. 80% Off

For all you The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion players would it kill you to play a very realistic medieval game where you are encouraged to play the game without saving (except before quitting) and take the entire game for what it is full of ups and downs? Well, Mount & Blade is that game. Though it does not boast of the beauty that was Oblivion’s engine, it comes pretty close to perfection with its high degree of realism and open-world system (well what did you think the references to Oblivion were for?) Yes indeed, you are dropped suddenly into the world of Calradia, with its own set of warring nations, bandits and independent towns who will either hate you or love you as you progress through the myriad quests that you take up and complete on horseback. Yes, the name (though bland) is spot-on. It allows you to fight on horseback a sort of one-up on Oblivion where you are forced to get off a horse to wage war. And this game is available at the unprecedented price of $4.99 on Steam.

Mount & Blade

One of the best things about this game is the amount of attention paid to detail and the flexibility given to you. For hardcore RPG fans, this is exactly what they would be looking for if they do not like fantasy or science fiction. Firmly set in the Dark Ages (or so), you can either be a fighter with skills ranging from the sword and shield to bows, crossbows, axes and the Knightly polearm(!) or a tactical commander with an army behind you or an armored merchant selling exotic wares and fending off fiendish bandits! And you will be part of very realistic wars where infantry will be cut through by cavalry which in turn will be pummeled by spears a la Braveheart. The customization is very detailed, as mentioned before. The following screenshot will tell you just how much of detail goes into making your character’s face!

Face Customization

So, still in two minds? Have a look at the screenshots below and read a couple of reviews. If you are a medieval era fan, this game will enhance those memories of the Age of Empires and Total War games in a comfortable third-person perspective.

Generic Town

Horseback Army

Get Mount & Blade this weekend only on Steam for $4.99

Pre-Order Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $20

The second edition of the popular game Battlefield, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will start retailing on March 2. However, if you cannot wait to get your hands on the game, here is your chance to get a great deal on the PC version of the game.

Battlefield 2 Bad Company

Barnes & Nobles is selling pre-orders of the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $19.95 with shipping extra. This is by far the best deal on the game. Amazon is selling a copy of Battlefield 2 PC game for $49.99, so that is a cool $30 savings on this popular FPS game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Details

Battlefield Bad Company 2â„¢ brings the spectacular Battlefield gameplay to the forefront of next-gen consoles and PC – featuring best-in-class vehicular combat set across 8 huge sandbox maps each with a different tactical focus. New vehicles like the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and the UH-60 transport helicopter allow for all-new multiplayer tactics in the warzone, extensive tuning ensures that this will be the most satisfying vehicle combat experience to date.

Release Date: 3rd March 2010

Pre-Order Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Nokia Offers Valentine’s Offer to UK Users


With Valentine’s day coming closer, the love is in the air for sure. The most difficult question of all during such times is what to gift your sweetheart on 14th Feb. Well, Nokia UK has come up with some excellent offers for Valentine’s day.

You can buy a Nokia E72, N86, N97, N97 Mini, X6, N900 or 8800 and get Nokia 1661 or Nokia 1208 absolutely free. Doesn’t it sound awesome and of course lighter on your wallets?   Either you can gift your sweetheart Nokia E72 or the Nokia 1661 which comes free with it. Also, shipping is absolutely free. Just head over to and order your Valentine a gift before you forget.

If you know any gadget offers for this Valentine season, drop in a mail at [email protected] or just comment below. We’ll be more than happy to share it with our readers.

99 Cent GoDaddy "Super Bowl 2010" Coupon Available Now [Domain Deals]

GoDaddy has been creating new ads every year for the Super Bowl. However, it looks like they are also offering a new coupon code which will allow you to register 99c domains for 1 year.

Buy Domain for 99 cents at GoDaddy

Users will be able to purchase a domain name for 1 year by just paying 99 cents, an additional ICANN fees of 18 cents will take the final price to $1.17. To avail of this offer make sure to use the coupon code BOWL2010 (thanks Slick Deals) before you checkout with your domain.

This coupon code might not lost for a long time, so hurry and get your own domain name before it expires.

50% Off on Dirt 2, Dawn of War 2, Company of Heroes

Steam, one of the leading digital distribution channels for Games, is known to shower on some pretty awesome deals every now and then. This weekend is no different, for Steam has the following deals going on:

Direct2Drive and Impulse are also on the weekend deal bandwagon, offering Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II at 50% off ($19.95   instead of the usual $39.95 at Direct2Drive) and Company of Heroes: Gold Edition at 50% off ( $14.99 instead of the usual $29.99 for at Impulse Driven ).

So folks, hurry up and get those games you wanted at bargain prices while you can!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Buy God of War Collection for PS3 at $30 [Gaming Deals]

Amazon has the God of War Collection for PS3 on sale at $30, this is a $10 discount on the retail price. The God of war collection contains a single Blu-ray disc consisting of God of War and God of War II.

God of War Collection

In addition to that, users also get a Playstation Network (PSN) voucher to access the God of War III E3 2009 Demo. The God of War Collection is a popular version of the game which was available on the PS2. The game has been remastered in high-definition at a resolution of 720p and including anti-aliased graphics for 60 frames per second gameplay.

Buy God of War Collection

Buy Unlocked Nokia N900 for $470 [Mobile Deals]

Dell Small Business has a great deal on , where you can purchase an unlocked Nokia N900 for $470 with added sales tax if applicable.


The original price of Nokia N900 is $599.99, however if you apply the coupon code 4$11W9VRS8BT0N you will get a #130 discount on the phone. Though this is a bit higher than earlier N900 deals, it is the lowest available price right now.

Nokia N900 recently received a OTA update along with access to the OVI store, so users will now be able to add more apps to the phone. Overall the phone is pretty decent, so if you have been waiting for a deal, this is the right time to get it.

Buy Nokia N900 for $470

Partition Manager Free Download Only for 3 More Hours

Giveaway of the Day is giving away the much popular Partition Manager 10.0 Personal software from Paragon completely for free for about 3 more hours. The original software costs $39.95 and just for today, it is being given away for free, thanks to LifeHacker’s post.

Partition Manager 10.0 Personal has full support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista (including the 64-bit versions) and support for the latest Linux kernel and GPT-formatted hard disks used in Windows 7, Vista, Mac OSX and some Linux distros.


With advanced features such as restoration of data from bare metal state, restoring partitions with resizes and a PowerShield technology that lets you resume partitioning and other services even after a power failure, this is a software built for those who will be working under precarious conditions.
The site itself tells you of the number of places where your data can be backed up:

Back up data and system to an archive, a local drive, an external USB/Firewire drive, CDs, DVDs or network share.

However, do note that this version does not come with free technical support or free updates to higher versions. It is also strictly for non-commercial use.

So what are you waiting for? Download the giveaway within the next three hours and start backing up and segregating your data so that you can experiment with OSs! If you ask me, this is the best way to start loving Linux (keep rotating distros every week!)

Get Free openSUSE 11.2 DVDs [How To]


If you’re looking for Linux distro DVDs for events or groups, developers at openSUSE at providing it for free.

As quoted on the official site:

If you’re looking for openSUSE 11.2 DVDs for events or groups, we have plenty in stock. We’re happy to send openSUSE 11.2 DVDs to openSUSE Ambassadors and folks running FLOSS/Linux events.

Update: The following information is no longer in use, you might directly want to visit to find out on how you can get Free operSUSE DVDs.

The best way to get your hands on some openSUSE DVDs right away is to send me an email directly (email removed) and be sure to include the following information, bold is required:

  • Your name
  • Name of the person receiving the discs (if different)
  • Full address including postal code, country, etc.
  • Telephone number of the contact person receiving the discs.
  • Reason for the request.
  • The number of discs requested.
  • The deadline for the request, if any.
  • Any special instructions or helpful info for customs.
  • To get your own set of openSUSE 11.2 DVDs for free, follow the instructions, as quoted above. Also, send your request email with a clear subject line like Request 100 openSUSE 11.2 DVDs for FOSDEMor similar, to avoid any confusions and to avoid getting into SPAM box in email. The developers have requested that if possible, you should make requests at least two weeks in advance.

    About the DVDs:

    The openSUSE 11.2 Promo DVDs that you will get for free, are dual-sided discs with both the 32-bit and 64-bit promo DVD images on them.

    Crayon Physics Deluxe Going the “Pay What You Want” Way

    The highly addictive and enthralling physics-based sandbox puzzle game (phew those were a lot of adjectives!) Crayon Physics Deluxe is having a different kind of sale to celebrate its birthday. Until the 15th of January, Crayon Physics Deluxe will be on sale for a price of $WhateverYouWant. That’s right, pay as much as you want for this one of a kind game until the 15th of January. Instead of a couple of screenshots to demonstrate just how unique this game is, I think it would be better if I just added a video detailing how different this game truly is.

    This game features very realistic (and awesome!) physics just draw what you want to send the ball towards the star. It also has a built-in level editor, apart from 70 levels in the main game. This one is a boon for all creative people who wish to incite and ignite their imagination using just your mouse (or in case you have a tablet PC, the pen).

    Techie Buzz recommends a price of $4.99 for this game. Do not hesitate, readers, just thank them and wish them a very happy birthday!